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Cupcake, Hamburger, Tic-Tacs and Creativity

My daughter is very creative. The other evening, she came up with a game.

My daughter is very creative.

She’s 8.

The other evening, she came up with a game.

“Dad”, she said, “I’m going to write different words on a bunch of small pieces of paper. Then we’re going to put those pieces in a bowl.”

“Then, I’m gonna pick out 3 words, and you have to use them to write a song.”

Well, this is right up my alley…

You see, I am the expert jingle writer in our family.

I have written bunches of “songs”, multiple ones for each of our kids. We have 4.

“Challenge accepted!” I said.

The first three words: cupcake, hamburger, tic-tacs

OK, here goes…

Me and my cupcake, my little girl

We went to eat, at a hamburger shack.

Only problem was, when I got through eatin’.

She said my breath, was really bad.

Well, thankfully…I brought my Tic-Tacs

And, thankfully…they work as they should.

And, thankfully…I now can go back.

Because my breath, it now smells good!

We had a great laugh!

And then did another song.

And I realized something…

Kids are naturally creative. We all were as kids.

But, we seem to stifle that creativity as we get older.

The reality is, creativity is all around us.

God is the Creator. And he created us in His image.

We were created to create.

So, it’s good to stretch and strengthen our creative “muscles” regularly.

Maybe through a game, or by writing, painting, building, playing an instrument, or starting a business.

If you haven’t done so lately, I encourage you to try it.

You’ll remember how fun it can be.

And who knows, you may even come up with something new the world has been waiting for.

All the best,

Sonny Tydlacka

P.S. - Remember, when it comes to spreading your creative messages, email is still king.