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  • 🖱️ Harness the Mystery of the Mouse Jiggler to Increase Sales

🖱️ Harness the Mystery of the Mouse Jiggler to Increase Sales

Have you ever heard of a mouse jiggler?

I was looking for a new mouse on Amazon the other day

My scroll wheel was glitching out on my old one.

That’s when I came across this crazy contraption.

The Mouse Jiggler!

You might be wondering like I was, "Sonny, what in the world is a Mouse Jiggler?"

You see, this ingenious device emerged as a response to the growing demand for remote work monitoring.

Picture this: communication apps like Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Skype, and Slack display your working status using a traffic light system.

They let your team know if you're available, away, offline, or busy.

But here's the catch: when you're using these applications, if you don't interact with your mouse or keyboard for a specific period of time, your status can change to inactive.

If you’re actually working, but not using your computer at the moment, the inactive status can create issues with your team, or worse, the boss.

That's where the Mouse Jiggler comes in!

A mouse jiggler can be either an app or a mechanical device. It automatically keeps your mouse moving in an intermittent fashion.

By keeping your screen active while you tackle other tasks, the Mouse Jiggler ensures your status remains set to “available”.

No more worries about appearing inactive or away!

It's a clever solution that lets you maintain control and work on your terms.

Funny…email marketing can do that too.

Imagine having a direct line of communication with your audience, unhindered by the algorithm police of Flakebook and Googles.

You can capture your audience’s attention and build a loyal following on your terms.

You can do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

That's the power of email!

Now, you can’t just send out any ol’ email.

Send the wrong kind and your readers will get fed up and unsubscribe.

Or worse yet, report you as spam.

No sir, you have to send them emails they want to read.

You have to appease them, just like that mouse jiggler appeases the monitoring systems.

And what kind of emails do they want to read?

Good thing for you…

I spill the beans daily in my EmailKing newsletter.

I unveil the secrets of using simple emails to create and nurture a following that not only desires to hear from you daily but also looks forward to paying you for your expertise.

If you’re ready to seize the throne as a true Email King (or Queen), it’s easy.

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To your captivating success,

Sonny Tydlacka


P.S. - Remember, my friend, email is still king!