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Stop Sabotaging Your Success! Why You SHOULDN’T Write Your Own Emails

Although I’m grateful you downloaded our Email Mastery Blueprint special report… with the Email Conversion Secrets interview… and Exclusive Swipe File Access.

I forgot to warn you about a major Email Marketing “glitch” that’s built into our comprehensive program.

And I’m NOT talking about the usual problems that come standard from the Amateur Email Writers.

They’ll bury you in spam complaints, low open rates, and unsubscribes.

I’m NOT talking about poor formatting, weak subject lines, or lack of personalization.

No, I’m talking about something we can’t help you with.

I’m talking about the fact that we’ll make it IMPOSSIBLE to keep your prospects from becoming raving fans.

Yes... you’ll beg them to be patient and not to bombard you with emails.

But they just won’t wait to shower you with praise and testimonials.

They’ll be as helpless as iron filings drawn to a magnet.

Your persuasive email content will lure them in.

They’ll insist on replying and engaging with your brand.

They’ll be making a nuisance of themselves… replying to your emails...

... sharing your content, eagerly anticipating your next message, and converting into loyal customers.

… They’ll pepper you with annoying questions about your email strategies.

You’ll even see a few forced smiles as they tell you how happy they are for you (when they’re secretly green with envy and resentful about the frustrations in their own Email Marketing).

But you can easily avoid all this jealousy and aggravation.

Don’t request your Email Conversion Secrets interview…

Ignore the Exclusive Swipe File Access.

...Because Amateur Email Writers (with their canned templates) will be happy to assist you with one of the most intricate, detailed, and important investments of your life.

On the other hand...

If you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd...

If you appreciate the value of high open rates and long-term customer loyalty.

If you don’t mind expressing your marketing genius through engaging, persuasive, and compelling emails...

Then don’t miss the deadline to claim your Email Conversion Secrets interview…

All the details are included in your FREE REPORT called:

Email Mastery Blueprint

If you’ve misplaced the report, you can grab it again right here to discover what the Top Email Marketers in the World are doing right now to increase open rates, click-throughs, and conversions.

Here’s the link to download the report.


Just one small mess-up in your Email Marketing... like sending an email that triggers spam filters.

...Is magnified a THOUSAND times because you’ll lose credibility with your audience.

This is NOT the time for do-it-yourself experimenting.

Don’t miss the Limited-Time Offer window...

Click here to set up your Email Conversion Secrets interview and claim your Exclusive Swipe File Access now.

Wait a sec…

I’ve gotta come clean.

There’s nothing to click…


This is just one of many email types I teach about in my daily EmailKing newsletter.

This email uses the “Never” curiosity bullet

It uses reverse psychology to reinforce the readers recent purchase.

But not in a harmful way…

In a fun and entertaining way that breaks away from dull copy.

To see more examples, sign up today at EmailKing.com.

It’s free…for now, so hurry and click here (this is a real link!)

All the best,

Sonny Tydlacka

P.S. - Remember, email is still king.